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Galaxy S3/I9300 4.4.2 BLEKOTA S5 Lite ROM V11 (26.01.2015)

S3 için şimdiye kadar kullandığım en stabil 4.4.2 CustomRom Blekota.

Orjinal  Konusu,

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and you are not satisfied with your current Android? Does it bother you that Samsung did not release an update to the new Android 4.4 KitKat and you would like to have it? If you like the environment of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and also want to have the phone version of Android OS 4.4.2 KitKat, you can try this Custom ROM which of your Galaxy S3 makes Galaxy S5. 🙂

First of all, I’m not responsible for your phone getting bricked or whatever things could happen
Rom kurulumundan önce mutlaka yedeklerinizi alın.!
Base ROM:
BETA 6 and later – QS-i9300-KK ROM
BETA 1 – 5.3 – JustArchi’s KitKat port

# S5 Arayüz
# S5 Framework
# S5 Açılış animasyonu
# S5 Sesleri
# S5 Kilit ekranı
# S5 Ayarları (Yuvarlak simgeli)
# S5 S-Planlayıcı
# S5 Touchwiz Arayüzü (4×5 and 5×5 App Drawer)
# S5 S-Browser
# S5 Hesap makinası
# S5 Dosya yöneticisi
# S5 Muzik çalar
# S5 Video oynatıcı
# S5 Note
# S5 Çevirici ve kişiler arayüzü
# S5 Hava durumu
# S5 klavye ve diğer diller
# S5 S Voice (Addon)
# S5 My Magazine (Addon)
# S5 Görev Yöneticisi
# S5 Quick connect and S Finder (Addon)
# S5 Ultra Güç tasarruf modu ve  UPSM Manager
# S5 Toolbox
# 8 Lockscreen effects
# 4 Yollu güç menüsü
Ve Daha Fazlası.

1) FULL WIPE is highly recommended!
2) Go to CWM based recovery (PhilzTouch Recovery in recommended) by holding HOME – POWER – and VOL UP BUTTON
3) Choose “Install ZIP from sdcard”
4) Choose ROM zip file
5) Go through Aroma Installer and select, what you want
6) Wait for finishing flashing
7) Reboot and enjoy Galaxy S5 🙂

– Calls
– Wi-Fi
– 3G
– SMSes / MMSes
– Camera
– Lockscreen effects
– Most of the apps and functions
– All sensors
– Auto-rotation
– Android 4.4.2
– Everything else apart from “Not working” below

– When Phone is powered off and you plugin charger it will always boot
– Screen mirroring and direct sharing (Works since BETA 6 + AGNi kernel)
– If found something more, tell me please
Other bugs:
– Some graphic error here and there
Screenshots:(BETA 4)

(NEW) V11 (1.23 GB, DEV DBAROMA) – (MD5: 161d0030c7e2d44fe0b3402cb9a820a1)

(NEW) V11 (1.23 GB, MEGAAROMA) – (MD5: 161d0030c7e2d44fe0b3402cb9a820a1)

After flashing, for better performance go to Settings – Power saving – Power saving mode, turn it ON, go to Restrict performance and uncheck all options if they are on. It will turn Power saving off.

If phone won’t boot after flashing the ROM, flash STOCK Kernel


(NEW) V10 (1.20 GB, DEV DBAROMA) – (MD5: 0ee0753b8c5495fa8bc5298172dd9c45)
(NEW) V10 (1.20 GB, MEGAAROMA) – (MD5: 0ee0753b8c5495fa8bc5298172dd9c45)
(NEW) V9 (1.22 GB, DEV DBAROMA) – (MD5: d948088f3fd8b4fc6f86c3c39985dcaa)
(NEW) V9 (1.22 GB, MEGAAROMA) – (MD5: d948088f3fd8b4fc6f86c3c39985dcaa)
(NEW) V8.1 (1.24 GB, DEV DBAROMA) – (MD5: 366963aa9441a3cc0f3a1ed587ba91e0)
(NEW) V8.1 (1.24 GB, MEGAAROMA) – (MD5: 366963aa9441a3cc0f3a1ed587ba91e0)
V8.0 (1.18 GB, MEGAAROMA) – (MD5: d86b7c42d1f941ece18df629628d7604)
V8.0 (1.18 GB, DEV DBAROMA) – (MD5: d86b7c42d1f941ece18df629628d7604)
(NEW) V7.0 (1.10 GB, DEV DB, AROMA) – (MD5: 4b2157096aadb9e617e37d97b0fd822c)
(NEW) V7.0 (1.10 GB, MEGA, AROMA) – (MD5: 4b2157096aadb9e617e37d97b0fd822c)

Lockscreen weather patch
YouTube app patch
Fixed crashing when changing alarm sound or ringtone)
Fixed Search in Settings

Bluetooth fix for V7
STOCK Kernel for V7
S5 Mini Touchwiz Font size patch for v7

Facebook sync feature patch for BETA 5.2 and later
Disable additional symbols on keyboard for BETA 5.2 and later
Enable additional symbols on keyboard for BETA 5.2 and later
S Finder & Q Connect remover for BETA 5 – 5.2 and later


V7 – Aroma edition
– Built on a new base by QS – (v2.6)
– Added S5 Mini Photoeditor
– Added S5 Mini TW Launcher
– Added S5 Mini S Browser
– Fixed S5 Mini clock app ringtone select FC
– S5 Settings by default
– S5 3dot Menu activated by default
– Fixed Personalized ringtones in Contacts
– Fixed video on Facebook

V8 – Aroma edition
– A new base – QS v2.8!
– Fixed S5 Mini TW font size
– Fixed bluetooth
– Added fixed S5 E-mail app
– Added Polaris Office to Aroma
– Updated Play Store
– Added Note 4 Weather widget
– Fixed Volume bar annimation
– Fixed Smart Stay
– Updated S5 Settings
– WiFi Direct/Screen mirroring should work now with AGNi or Boeffla kernel (can’t test)

V8.1 – Aroma edition
– Fixed Lockscreen weather
– Fixed YouTube app connection lost
– Fixed Ringtone/Alarm sound selecting bug in v8
– Fixed search in Settings
– Removed unused toggles
– Added new toggles
– Fixed CRT-Off animation
– Lockscreen clock, text and weather centered (Note 4 style)
– Fixed crop bug in S5 Photo studio
– Updated wallpapers to Note 4
– Fixed Phone and Contacts FC
– Updated Google apps
– Fixed Note 4 Weather city list FC

JustArchi, Kryten & forumber for great KitKat port
qaraqumus for QS-i9300-KK ROM
ayoubadri for S5 Lock screen help
thereassaad for some S5 apps
Samsung for S5 apps, not the system
OsamaGhareeb for Baterry MOD
xperiacle for S5 Toolbox manager and UPSM manager
Aonja for his great mods
4shared and Anindya JV for AllShareCast (Screen Mirroring)
rovo89 for Xposed
Amarullz for Aroma Installer
sunajkram23 (Sensation ROM creator) – a lot of thanks for Aroma and more 😉
Anindya JV for ported S5 Mini apps and SoundAlive fix
Vishnu pv for S5 dialog buttons help
gharrington for QuickLaunch Panel
If I forgot some one, please tell me via PM 😉
Blekota S5 Lite, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S III I9300
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
Based On: ArchiPort Beta 1, QS-i9300-KK
Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 7.0
Stable Release Date: 2014-08-27
Current Beta Version: 6.1 (Update 1)
Beta Release Date: 2014-08-08
Created 2014-05-15
Last Updated 2014-08-28

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